The Alonim Story

When Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis and renowned educator Shlomo Bardin met an inspired vision was quickly transformed into reality in the hills of Southern California.

Camp Alonim was created to be a place that the Jewish community could grow strong in their faith. This camp was intended to give Jewish youth, "a sense of who they are," and the program was designed to foster a sense of identity that would never be lost. By all outward appearances Alonim is like any other summer camp; however, through an array of special sports, songs and crafts, this camp helps young people explore what it means to be Jewish and how they can use their spirituality to have a positive influence in their communities.

Camp Alonim is a unique and vital place that opens the hearts of Jewish youth to their heritage, while renewing their spirits, enriching their souls and making them healthier, more confident individuals.