TAROT: The Illustrated Oracle

This extraordinary documentary explores the fascinating world of Tarot cards.

Divination and fortune telling are the oldest spiritual practices of mankind. Focusing on the Tarot, this program traces the mysterious history of this divinatory practice. Where did this infamous deck of cards come from? How was it originally used? What do the strange symbols and images on the cards really mean? And why are Tarot cards and other divinatory practices more popular than ever?

Follow the spread of Tarot from its first documented appearance in 15th Century Italy to the ascent of the occult Tarot in 17th Century France. Learn the truth about secret societies like the Golden Dawn in England and France and the burgeoning popularity of Tarot cards in America during the counter-culture revolution of the 1960s. This documentary explores the amazing world of divination, fortune-telling, and related magickal practices from historical, cultural, psychological, scientific and philosophical perspectives. Through interviews and readings with the most knowledgeable and renowned practitioners in the occult community, as well as commentaries by leading professors, scientists, and skeptics, discover an amazing world you never knew was all around you. Does divination and Tarot really work? You decide.