Stanley Kallis


Stanley Kallis earned a Master of Arts in Motion Pictures from UCLA and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts from UCLA. 

Stan is an Emmy Award-winning producer with tremendous experience in all aspects of television and film.  He has written and produced numerous television movies and mini-series. 

A few of his most famous are Amber Waves (1980 movie starring Dennis Weaver and Kurt Russell, which received five Emmy nominations, a Peabody Award and winner of the best supporting actor award for Mare Winningham), Kane and Abel (1985 miniseries based on the best selling novel by Jeffrey Archer) and Glitter Dome (1985 screenplay for HBO, winner of the Mystery Writer's of America Edgar Award).  He also produced classic television series such as Mission Impossible, Hawaii Five-O, Police Story and Columbo. 

In addition to being recognized by the Television Academy with numerous Emmy nominations and awards, he has also been nominated for the Humanities Award and was recipient of the Edgar Award and the ARC Award. 

Stan has served on the Board of the Producers Guild of America for ten years and is an active member of the Writers Guild of America. 

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