Albert Kallis

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Albert Kallis has been executive producer responsible for the artistic and financial integrity of numerous foundation documentary projects. His production of ‘The Making of Amber Waves” won The American Film Festival's Blue Ribbon Award. The film is included in the National Archives and has been utilized by the Hollywood Director's Guild, UCLA, Northridge College, and many other film schools as part of the curriculum. 

Some of Al’s documentary productions include, The Incredible Dream: a history of the Hebrew University, The Family Place: a story about the Julia Ann Singer Center for damaged children, Winning: a documentary about The Westside Center for Independent Living where impaired and handicapped people learn to help themselves, Friends Forever: the story of the Jewish Big Brothers organization, Partners: a Rockefeller supported project documenting the organization of a group of geo-political activists from around the world to develop solutions to transnational problems that have a global impact.  He also produced Art Colonies in America is a visually compelling, meticulously researched film about the ways in which the art colony movement helped to shape a uniquely American artistic aesthetic. 

Albert Kallis was a member of the Art Student's League in New York City and attended the Art Center School of Los Angeles. From 1951 through 1973 he was a professional illustrator and art director specializing in motion picture advertising. His clients included Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox and American International Pictures (AIP). He is also well known for being one of the original founders of The International House of Pancakes (IHOP).

Al is a lifetime member of Variety International and has produced several television spots for the organization. He has served on the board of The Beverly Hills Maple Center and was a founding member of the L.A. Children's Museum. He also worked with Beverly Hills Access Cable in bringing Soviet and American filmmakers together for the 1987 Entertainment Summit.

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